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Ned Steinberger JackPot Pots

posted Feb 06, 2014 10:46:06 by GuitarNut
Has anyone tried these Jack Pot potentiometers? They are basically No Load potentiometers when turned up to 10. They should bypass the volume and tone pots completely giving the effect of having wired your pickups straight into the output jack.,_pickups/Potentiometers/JackPot_Potentiometer.html

I am thinking of wiring two of these along with two CTS Tone pots into an Epiphone Les Paul of mine, that badly needs a rewire and a new set of pickups. I'll probably copper shield it as well while I have it taken apart.

I'll probably wire it with the treble bleed wiring. I presume that would still make sense with these pots?
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vambostrausser said Feb 06, 2014 12:39:16
I have used NO LOAD in Strats but never on a humbucker,but does work on a Strat,SO TRY IT it might be what you are looking for.You can buy other makes of NO LOAD pots and even make them yourself.See the video for making NO LOAD POTS

As for the treble bleed,if you want to waste that amount of money,then I suggest you go to and buy all the caps you will need for this and for any tone replacements plus resistors,all for less than the cost of the one from NORTHWEST GUITARS+ postage.Buy three caps of the same value for the treble bleed and try out different value of resistors 100kohms 130kohms 150kohms and see what works for you.Why I say three it is because it will save heating up the caps to many times to change resistors and the caps they sell which they describe as orange drops are not Sprague but are of a very good quality and tolerance and they are pennies rather than pounds.So you could buy different value tone caps and try those as well,so you end up with more for less.

Please note I am only offering you an option and not here to preach

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