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Truss Rod Upgrade

posted Feb 03, 2014 14:57:32 by GuitarNut
I contacted a few of our recommended sellers about the posibility of having the correct Gibson Truss Rod installed in a Les Paul. It is available from Stewmac for around $13.

Cathy wrote back saying that If I send them the truss rod, they will install it in a custom build for me. Rareelectric said they will not do this, and Sarah Lee has not written back.

This could be a nice improvement to a Chibson, for $13 plus shipping...

I have heard that the standard Chinese truss rod is very low quality.
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MichaelWamback said Feb 03, 2014 16:28:00
It's really good to know that Cathy will accept custom parts in the mail to install on a bid. A lot of sellers won't give out their mailing addresses. I had that same issue with REG when I wanted to send them bridges to install. They would do custom parts if they could purchase them, but wouldn't let me mail any to them.

I've been toying with the idea of a new LP and thinking about using Cathy. This would move her to the top of my list.
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GuitarNut said Feb 03, 2014 22:06:34
I am quite excited about this idea. All of the other upgrades these guitars need I can do myself. The truss rod install really needs to be done at the factory. I am quite tempted to order in the next few days. I'm holding off a little till Chinese New Year is over.
AinSoph said Feb 03, 2014 22:48:06
what a great idea
Adid said Feb 03, 2014 23:14:08
This is really awesome! I am going to start with custom build (R9 LP) after the Chinese New Year holidays end and this is very very tempting!

I could even buy from Stewmac and put in her shipping address, the only thing that worries me is that she might deny getting the package or it getting lost in mail (We don't know how efficient China's mail delivery is!)
Shipping via DHL will cost more than the truss rod itself so that is out of question for me!

It would be good if she it ordered it herself and offered it as an upgrade, she could buy it after we place the order (I am afraid of getting ripped :/)
ChibsonsandMore said Feb 04, 2014 08:42:44
I actually asked Cathy before and she stated they had the single action truss rods like Gibson uses (with the nut at the top). I'm sure they're not the real thing like Stewmac has, but you can ask her for pricing.
Adid said Feb 04, 2014 09:00:00
They are easier to use than the Epiphone ones, I sent her a message yesterday but she hasn't replied yet.

I will ask her the pricing when she does.

I also noticed that she raised the prices of some guitars by around $20 and cases by $10..
vambostrausser said Feb 04, 2014 09:43:05
I think before you proceed with this,ask your seller Cathy to send you photo's of the truss rod channel in a Chibson before they fit the finger board and a photo of the truss rod they use,so you can get some idea of whether this will work in their routing.If she is prepared to do this,then there is only one way to find out,send her a truss rod,but think about it a little more ,as you will end up with a threaded rod with a nut instead of a Allen(hex)for a lot more money, time and effort and still no guarantee it will work any better than the ones they fit now.
GuitarNut said Feb 04, 2014 11:02:56
I just asked Cathy to send me a photo of the truss rod channel, and I will post the photo here when it arrives so that people who have greater expertise than me will be able to tell if the correct truss rod will fit.

So far Cathy has been the most helpful of the sellers I have spoken to from our recommended list. She is willing to do both the correct truss rod and a solid maple cap. She is a bit more expensive than some of the other sellers, but hopefully the additional price will mean higher quality.

I also like dealing with someone who replies to all of my emails usually in less than a few hours.
vambostrausser said Feb 04, 2014 17:52:04
To GuitarNut
I hope she does send the photo's to you and you are able to make a decision based on that information,and if you decide to go for it,I hope it turns out in your favour.
Adid said Feb 05, 2014 12:02:30
Cathy replied,

1. She agreed on installing the truss rod, I asked her if she already had a Gibson styled truss rod, I am waiting for the reply.

2. I talked with her about the increase in price and she agreed to give me $30 discount!
GuitarNut said Feb 05, 2014 12:19:45
That is great to hear Adid. She said that she will send me some photos of the truss rod channel which I will post here as soon as they come. She says that she does not have any photos of the channel on hand as customers tend not to ask for such a photo. She explained that the factories are closed till Feb 10, and once they re open she will get a photo and send it over.

I told her about this forum, and pointed out that if she can start making guitars with this correct truss rod, that she would probably get a lot more orders from forum members.

This is an exciting development.
Adid said Feb 06, 2014 22:26:21
Cathy replied, here is what she said:

"yes,we have this type truss rod,but our this type truss rod only this looking ,not good used at all
when u get the guitar we building for u,u will see this type truss rod can't be adjust at all
so i usally tell our customer this,if they insist to get this guitar,truss rod no working,only good looking,,becauset it is one way adjust rod
our usually double way adjust rod not this looking,but good adjust indeed

so what u idea.better u send u your own truss rod .with good looking,also wtih good useing..then will be good guitar building finished


Isn't Gibson's truss rod also one way?
Adid said Feb 06, 2014 22:32:41
Since I haven't used that type of truss rod but I am thinking of getting it, I have a question.

What should I do if I turn it more than required?
sjcrowe6 said Feb 07, 2014 03:28:04
I'm confused, is Cathy saying that their standard truss rod which adjusts via an allen wrench is a two-way (dual action) truss rod? and the Gibson truss rod is a one way truss rod that will look good but not work in their guitar? I find this hard to believe. What was she trying to say????
Adid said Feb 07, 2014 05:07:15
She is just reminding me that the Gibson style truss rod is one way. Probably because she doesn't want me to complain when the guitaar arrives.

By not work she meant will work only in one way hence not completely useful. (As per her knowledge)
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