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My first Chibson time to start making a list of parts :)

posted Feb 02, 2014 21:21:49 by BillA
Hey guys, well I finally ordered up my first Chibaon, I knew it might be wall art at best, but I was pleasantly shocked by the feel of the body and neck, so much so I am making my lists and wanting to swap parts out and make this a real player!

I have this small Randy Rhoads corner of my Guitar/Pc room and I have a Epi Pro fx les paul that I love and a Gibson Studio I also enjoy, this Chibson was the closest I would get to a VOS Rhoads at 1/15th the cost so I figured it might just go on the wall but now in hand I realize I wanna swap stuff out and make it a full player guitar.

I was actually on facebook before all this and found NO forums or help on these Chibsons, so I made a forum there where I posted some pics and was asking questions, someone told me to check youtube for videos and that is how I found this forum ;)

SO many questions guess I will just go step by step and start with my tuners which are fake grovers, they are horrible though one normal another 3x the turns needed the 3rd sticky etc etc. Will standard Grovers fit this without having to put more holes into this and where is the best place to get a set of real ones in Gold?

Pics of mine are at under the albums section.

SO glad I found this forum and hey if you get time stop by that facebook forum post some advice pics too, but I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of reading now that I at least found one place here to discuss these Chibsons :)

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Jason said Feb 02, 2014 22:58:29
Congrats on the guitar.

I too bought one just for a fun project. I have spent maybe $200 extra to get it more playable.

I have had so much fun modding my Musicman Axis that i have sent an enquiry about getting another custom built one. Now i just have to sell one of my other guitars to fund it.
AndrewWolczyk said Feb 04, 2014 14:24:58
The real Grovers should fit no problem. However, I would start by replacing the nut and strings. It is very possible that the problems you are experiencing with the tuners may be due to the strings binding at the nut. TUSQ has a pre cut Epiphone nut that is very easy to install. It's about a $13 investment and one of the best things you can do. If you still have issues after that, replace the Grovers. I just bought mine at a local store for about $59 because I couldn't find any significant savings on the net. And if you could, how can you be sure they aren't fake as well.
VinceRadice said Feb 05, 2014 11:33:34
I agree about the tusq nut. I also swear by planet waves autotrim tuners,
BillA said Feb 07, 2014 00:31:18
Thanks guys this makes sense, i am going to replace the nut and bridge first with new strings too of course, will see if this helps the performance of the tuners, if not i will eventually put new ones on it, eventually I will do the pickups pots etc (that stuff I am good at - wiring etc), just like to get it playing nicer here and as time and money comes do other things.
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