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How about a PLAYING forum???

posted Jan 16, 2014 21:38:44 by stanton.kramer
Lots of good stuff going on in the other sections. But something that (IMO) is obviously missing is a forum to talk about playing and other issues. For example, at this moment I am suffering from tendonitis in my hands from overplaying and probably employing improper bending/vibrato technique. I would sure like to discuss it in a smaller group atmosphere than some of the other forums on the net.

So... How about a "Playing" Forum? TIA
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stanton.kramer said Mar 31, 2014 14:32:46

We talk a lot about the gear, but I for one would like to learn more about what others are playing and their approach to learning, putting bands together, rehearsals etc.

I'm sure there are other things and we have a good start. This *could* become a major forum. But maybe we're better off as a small community of guys that just help each other out?
ChinaGuitar Sceptic said Apr 19, 2014 17:47:13
OK let's see if it is popular buddy. Your request granted this round of admin.


ChinaGuitar Sceptic said Apr 19, 2014 17:48:10
Called - The Players Lounge.
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