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Genuine vs Chibson (non-scientific) sound comparison

posted Jan 13, 2014 18:20:54 by stanton.kramer
Here is a *very* rough comparison between a Chibson and a real LP Custom (the Chibson's twin, other than color).

The LP Custom has 57 Classic pickups while the Chibson has Porter Smooth/Classic set wound at 7.9k. You will have to use your imagination as there is nothing similar in the recordings whatsoever except recorded on the same iPhone. The Chibson is also played thru a $200 Roland Cube amp while the Gibson is played thru a Vox Valvetronix.

Sorry that I'm playing only basic open chords and nothing interesting. The genuine LP was recorded (first)as a future reference. I didn't intend it to be a comparison, so recorded the Chibson with the same chords.

I can attest that they have very similar playing characteristics and neck shape and I think my Chibson is set up better as pains were taken to set up, including new nut and bridge and fret work.

Make of the recordings what you will. Just mainly trying to give insight into what you can do with a Chibson. I'm very happy with mine. FWIW it was wired with coil splitting, but IMO retrospectively, it was a waste of effort. Not much practical use of the single coil sounds from it.

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TelepathicTrafic said Jan 13, 2014 19:00:38
57 Classics are my FAV pick up. The sound is amazing.

That being said, I like the sound out of my 2 Chibsons .. one has Dimarzios, the other GFS pups ... both different and just that. I wouldn't really say better or worse ... just different.

I might try a similar video in the near future ... I've been thinking about it, just haven't got round to it yet.

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stanton.kramer said Jan 13, 2014 19:03:06
Did you notice the sustain on the Chibson???? I let it ring at the end.
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