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AFD on ebay UK

posted Jan 08, 2014 15:51:13 by funstuie
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SteveTebble said Jan 08, 2014 17:13:25
Well the nut looks quite well-cut so he may have replaced that, he's also turned the bridge round to make it easier to adjust.

If I were you, I'd ask him point blank if it's a Chinese knock-off.

Actually, I already have. I'll keep you posted.
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MichaelWamback said Jan 09, 2014 15:16:55
No doubt the nut has been replaced. Wonder what other work has been done to it? The bridge is clearly Asian spec, but it looks like it's been upgraded as well.

Will give the guy the benefit of the doubt, he bought a Chibson for $300 and then spent a few hundred getting work done on it - so he's just trying to get his money back. Not that I would spend close to $1,000 for a Chibson. And at least he is saying it's not real.
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funstuie said Jan 12, 2014 20:46:53
He hasn't done anything to it. The nut is just a good one. It still has the plastic on the pickups which came with it from china. So he can't have even played it.

I will give him the credit for not trying to claim it's pukka but all he claims to have done is restring it with new strings. There is at least £150 profit there for nothing.

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