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Strip it then pass it off as the real deal ~

posted Dec 17, 2013 01:59:53 by hatterasgear
this guy appears to be selling loads of Chinese husks for CRAZY-HUGE money:

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MichaelWamback said Dec 17, 2013 05:36:41
No way to know for sure if they are Chinese, but one must be suspicious. I looked carefully at his Gibson LP/SG bodies, and none of them are the models with the headstock binding. Could it be the fact that the binding on a Chinese model is a dead give-a-way that the guitar is fake? You could tell more if you asked him for a photo of the truss rod. From what he has, it's really hard to tell if they are fakes or the real thing. He is here in the US though, so within the reach of Gibson if the choose to track him down, and they would know for sure if they were real or not.
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squazzoo68 said Jan 02, 2014 07:04:09
If the pics shown are the actual guitars bring sold, they are not fakes. You can tell by the "wings" on the back of the headstock as well as the way the serial # and MADE IN THE USA. Are stamped on
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