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You're rig

posted Oct 29, 2013 18:56:57 by Chris Graham
I always find it interesting to see what others use live so I thought I'd start us off.

First off my amp head.

I use a Hughes and Kettner 100 watt tube amp. It's a 4 chan head that is allows you to program up to 32 banks so 32 x 4 = 128 sounds. Now no way would I ever need that most of the time I'm not using more than 8. It has the normal stuff, effects loop, reverb, delay etc. I love the sound on this amp I can get a vintage clean Fender tone all the way to a Mesa sound.

Next my Cab
I use a EVH 4x12 5150 III. This cab has the old 25 watt black back style speakers with a slightly thicker grill cloth. The thinker cloth takes a touch of the harsh higher end out of my sound. Very solid cab I bought white and my head is black so I get a little more unique look on stage.

My effects board.

I use a The SKB PS-45 it has a buit in power cond.
I have a digitech RP-500 multi effects unit. It has all the normal stuff. Wah,Chours,Delay,Pitch shifting etc. It also has amp and cab modeling but I use my amp for my sounds and this is only used for effects.

Also on the board is a 20 year old boss super phaser, love the tone on this thing my digitech has phasers but this one is really cool. I run a MXR micro boost pedal. This thing gives you a slight boost without changing color of your sound. You get way more boost on a clean tone great for blues.

I run a line 6 wireless system. All this stuff stays on my pedal board. It attaches with velcro and all plugs into the boards power strip.

For guitars I have a bunch but mostly I have settled into using just 3 that I plan to take out of rotation as I buy Chinese guitars to replace them but for now I use,

A 2012 Les Paul standard with burst bucker 3's with coil tapping.
A 2002 PRS custom 22 with dragon 5 way pick ups.
A 2011 EVH Wolfgang from Fender and Eddie Van Halen.
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VinceRadice said Nov 04, 2013 10:54:03
I have a Marshall 2x12 JCM900 dual reverb combo. just a great amp switchable between 50/100w. it has 2 channels with a footswitch, which enables me to avoid using pedals. REALLY loud amp for a 2x12.

I also have a Hiwatt HiGain 50 head and a Laney quad that I use occasionally loaded with Vintage 30s.
P.S. I have swapped my Hiwatt 50 for a Marshall JCM2000 TSL100. and its awesome.

Dunlop CryBaby wah (mid 90s-ish)
Boss TU3 tuner
and a Ibanez TS9D tube screamer, A versatile pedal that can be used for bass in turbo mode.

I also have a Behringer 450w bass head and a matching 4x10 cab. for bass gigs

Nearly all my guitars are modified in one way or another, all have high output pickups. Seymour duncan JB/Jazz combo in the tele and the Sheraton, the 68 custom has a JB in the bridge and the bridge pup from the 12string in the neck, the 54 custom has a SeyDunc Custom shop Gold Staple soapbar in the neck pos, and a Dimarzio Soapbar 180 super distortion in the bridge position, I tried a high output P90, but it sounded awful, so I opted for a HB. The bridge pickup in the Agile 12string LP has been replaced with a Guitarfetish lipstick protube HB with the coils tapped so I can split it. I highly recommend this for 12string players. a single lipstick sounds just great. def better than the HB fitted at the factory. The chibson gold top has a single JB and a 250k pot/pull switch to split the coils. the bass has a SeyDunc Quarter Pounder, which I would also recommend it sounds huge. I have already got the pickups for the '59 a SeyDunc set with a "59 neck and a 59/Custom Hybrid Bridge. I do all the mods myself except the fret levelling, which I have done by a local luthier. about half my axes have planet waves auto trim tuners. Now it is true they add some weight to the Headstock, but on a les paul you don't notice it. On a SG or a firebird, or a Wilshire not so great. even on the telecaster I do notice the extra weight. I use 10-46 ernie ball slinkys with a 52 on top for dropD tuning.

My Guitars.
Epiphone Sheraton2
Epiphone Worn Wilshire tremtone
Squire Telecaster Custom with 2 HBs
Chibson 1954 les paul custom
Chibson 1968 les paul custom
AGILE 12string AL2500 les paul
Chibson Les Paul Deluxe
Chibson Les paul Gold Top
Squire Mike Dirnt P bass
Chibon '59 les paul tabaccoburst on order, yet to arrive

Since writing this post My whole rig has changed, I swapped the Hiwatt head for a Marshall TSL100 head, then I sold the Laney Cab, and with the money bought a Marshall 1960b cab, and then a !960A came up, so I bought that as well. now I own a 100w Stack, and believe me, its a glorious rig. The head had a large foot controller so I built a pedal board, A friend of mine modded my CryBaby wah for more volume, and I sold the tube screamer and got a Ibanez Tube King pedal (the red one). the TSL100 head has a VPR (Virtual Power Reduction) switch which attenuates the amp down to 25w while running all the output tubes, its a brilliant feature. the tube king had a fairly old Chinese 'Ruby' tube fitted, I had a new ecc83s leftover from a repair job I did on the Hiwatt, so I fitted it to the pedal, and It changed the sound for the better, I highly recommend the Ibanez Tube King TK999HT. it sounds fantastic, and had heaps of gain. the only hassle is, it needs a 12vac power supply, it also isn't true bypass, (if thats important to you) As for myself Ive discovered that I need a buffer in my signal path or my Wah pedal sucks my volume. I even toyed with a looper/patching pedal. but my tuner is the first pedal in the path and it has a buffer, so its a bit pointless, and honestly even at HIGH volume I can't tell the difference with or without the buffer. The 3 channels on the head are a revealation, I run the Clean channel clean but LOUD and I use the pedal, the Crunch and Lead channels with the gain at about 6 and the volumes at about 4 and 6. So what I end up with is 3 distorted channels and a volume jump whenever I switch up. since getting the Tube king I use it more and more, its great.

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gero.lubovnik said Nov 05, 2013 19:22:42
I don't perform and have a small apartment. Just got started playing again after many years. So for now I've gone the modeling amp route. Hated the Fender Mustangs, btw...

I started out with a Line 6 Spider II 75w (w FBV Express pedal). Picked up the pair for $160 in mint condition.

Subsequently I picked up a Roland Cube 40XL on closeout. Has some cool features. Pedal system isn't as advanced as the Line 6 but does some other things well (i.e. looper). The 40QX which replaced the XL seems like a downgrade from the XL!

Chibson LP Custom
MIM Strat
Alvarez Yairi Acoustic
MichaelWamback said Nov 06, 2013 15:26:27
I also live in a small apartment, so my amp sits in the corner covered in a blanket most of the time (cause our bird finds it a convenient place to perch.) I mostly plug my headphones into my Zoom G3 so I don't piss off the neighbors, or my wife when she's watching chick shows on TV.
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WayneJohnson said Nov 09, 2013 00:41:23
I play in a band, through a marshal tsl60 head and 1960a cab.

I don't have masses of fx. A chorus and delay (boss) and booster (berhinger) in the fx loop. And boss mt2, tu2, Marshall bluesbreaker2 and jim dunlop 535q crybaby in line before the amp.

I play:

Chibson silverburst custom with mostly gibson stuff
Bc rich mockingbird st
Gibson les paul studio -1998
Crafter 12 string accoustic, wife picked it up for £20 and I added under saddle pickup anx preamp etc.
TelepathicTrafic said Nov 09, 2013 15:12:15
Here's a link to a Vid on YT I posted a while back. Some of the stuff I have kickin' around:

Whats next ... too much to list!
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Adid said Jan 04, 2014 22:23:25
Whoa! You guys have a lot Of gear!!

Btw @VinceRadice if you have not already got rig of the stock pickups and want to contact me :P

As for my gear, I live in an apartment and I am not a big amp modulation fan, I just have a laney combo, it might not be the best, but hey! I love it!!

As for the few times I went live, I borrowed pedal boards :/
VinceRadice said Jan 05, 2014 00:06:13
Im not sure I understand? Do you want some stock fake 'Epiphone' pups from a Chibson?
Adid said Jan 05, 2014 06:20:39
I was talking about real stock Epi pups

Edit: I confused your guitars with someone else's, sorry!

Sorry for my grammar mistakes, damn autocorrect!
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VinceRadice said Jan 05, 2014 07:31:32
I had a set of gold stock dpi pups, I gave them away. Sorry. Ive heard good things about these pups, and they are cheap.
Rob said Jan 15, 2014 13:29:02
No photos on this one but here is what I have for a rig:
Peavey 5150 Combo
Digitech 256XL
HUSH Super C
BBE Sonic Maximizer

Boss Flanger, Noise Supressor, Metal Zone, Chorus Ensemble, MXR Phase 90, Wampler Pinnacle, misc Delay pedal(can't remember the name), Omnisonic Volume control for effects loop-new purchase as of today. Going to see how this works with the 5150, DOD Volume/Wah, AMT P1 Peavey 5150 simulator pedal
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dino0000007 said Jan 26, 2014 01:10:38
Here is my rig, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 3, BFG Double Deuce 20 watt head and Traynor 2x12 cab,Marshall JCM 800 1959 100 watt and 4x12 cab and Marshall JCM2000 TSL 60 AND 4X12 cab..
VinceRadice said Jan 26, 2014 01:47:11
Nice rig Dino. Do you get to use the Jcm800 much?
dino0000007 said Jan 26, 2014 09:09:16
Yes I a/b the JCM and the TSL, but I just bought an attenuator so now I can crank that
VinceRadice said Jan 26, 2014 09:19:15
I like the TSL100, the crunch and lead channels sound great, I use the clean channel as a mute.
KevSmith said Feb 26, 2014 14:00:46
For a guitar thing.

Fender Tele(2011), main. Yamaha SG-200(1984), spare.
Vox AC-15
EV Small Stone
Boss SD-1
Way Huge Green Pickle

For bass stuff

Westone Thunder 1(1984) main, Fender P bass(1997) spare
Laney RB-5, if needed though a 2x10 cab
Pedals none

For harp stuff

Lee Oskar
Fenton Weill Cornet amp (1961)
Shure Green Bulit
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