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Loxx strap locks

posted Oct 27, 2013 16:21:33 by MichaelWamback
I've used Loxx on a couple of my guitars, and really love this product.

Nothing worse than the strap falling off your guitar in the middle of a set. That's why most of us use some type of strap lock. While Schaller, Dunlop and so forth have been around for ages, Loxx is a newer product on the market that is well worth a look. It has a number of advantages over its competitors.

First and foremost, it's just a really good looking product. A lot of strap locks look like huge chunks of metal hanging off your guitar. Loxx is decidedly low profile. With the strap off, you get only a small knob protruding from the guitar. With the strap on, everything sits close to the body and isn't much bigger than a regular strap button. I think it's by far the best looking strap lock on the market today. (It also comes in a variety of different finishes.)

These things have been around for a long time, just not on guitars. The product itself goes back decades. Manufactured in Germany (and to quote the pitch man Vince from TV - when he wasn't too busy beating up prostitutes "You know the Germans make good stuff") they were originally used by Mercedes Benz to attach the rag top roofs to their convertible models. Legend has it that a Mercedes mechanic was watching his kid perform on stage one night. The kid's strap lock broke, and his dad just happened to have one of these in his pocket. He screwed it on to the guitar, and a new industry was born.

The Loxx system is rated to not fail at 220 lbs of shearing force. More than enough to safely hold your guitar.

One of the big advantages to this product is the way in which the locking mechanism attaches to your strap. The pin engages the cap on the outside of the strap, with no pressure on the inner part of the fastener. If (as unlikely as it is) the threads on the locking mechanism on the strap were to fail, the strap would still stay in place until you release it. With Schaller, you would be picking your guitar up off the stage.

The mechanism operates smoothly with one hand. You just push the strap on over the little knob on the guitar and it clips securely in place. Pulling up on the end of the knob releases it. It's effortless to put your strap on and take it off.

Installation is easy. The kit comes with a tool for attaching the locking mechanism to the strap. (They also make a longer threaded version, in case you are using an exceptionally thick strap.) You unscrew your old button from your guitar and attach the new strap lock button with either the provided tool or a socket wrench. No real skill required. (They also make the thread on the guitar part just a hair thicker than the standard button screw, just to make sure it gives a good grab into the wood.)

If you are already using other brands of strap locks and want to change a single strap from guitar to guitar, then go with what works for you. But if you are open to trying a new product that is very well built and attractive, then have a look at Loxx.
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AndrzejGĊ‚owacki said Oct 28, 2013 11:43:05
I use Chinese - Schaller like :) the only difference is that U cannot strap it fast (the bolt inside is not cut so U must pull the button on top to strap the guitar) - You can mix colors as U like, send via Post so no customs but it was about 30 days to Poland :( -
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