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How about a forum for gear?

posted Oct 25, 2013 18:08:13 by MichaelWamback
Was thinking it might be nice to have a separate forum for people to discuss their amps, pedals and other guitar related gear. A chance to let us know what you are using, what you like, what you don't like and so forth. Do you suppose it's just a matter of time before the Chinese figure out there's money to be made in knockoff Marshall amps? :)
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Stefan Olsson said Oct 26, 2013 01:18:21
They already sell "boutique" tube amps, the problem is that they cost as much as a tube amp you can buy here...U.S made
Davesintexas said Nov 02, 2013 17:32:41
Making Fake Amps would require too much high end equipment and technology as well as very skilled workers. Beyond the skills of wood workers and doing simple wiring for guitars. I mean take a look at the inside of a new Marshall and you will see a wiring nightmare taking place. Plus, Most of the New Marshalls have added modeling to their amps and at every low prices. So, how could a Chinese company that's doing fakes compete? They would have to have ALL the knowledge and experience as well as the plant that could produce those boards and all internal wiring etc and that's just beyond them.

The latest amps that I have seen out of China are really kinda low end models and are just very simple amps and heads. All of the ones Ive seen have nothing special available except maybe some additional gain from the amp to offer.

After checking out their amps I began pricing them. They were around the same price as low rate amps cost here in the US already. So, where is the benefit? Well actually there is none since there would be no warranty and no support for a break down. And, you would be looking a replacing the speakers anyway. So,until something really changes with what they are offering and what's available here in the US I dont see any fake amps showing up any time soon.
MichaelWamback said Dec 07, 2013 22:06:38
I was speaking to a friend about Amps the other day. He was telling me about an interview he saw with the guys making Marshall. They said that, back in the day, they never thought twice about what was going in their Amps - they just went down to the electronics store and bought whatever was on sale and used that. I guess no two of them had exactly the same parts. All they cared about was loud and dirty, never even gave a thought to tone.

Different world these days, where everyone is convinced that if they just buy that vintage capacitor or what not, that they will sound just like Jimmy Page or Slash. Hate to tell them, but like my pro player friend says, 95% of it has nothing to do with the gear and everything to do with the fingers.

I just wouldn't be shocked to see the Chinese doing knockoffs of other gear at some point - cause a lot of that old stuff sells for a boat load of money, even if it's a slow boat from China. :)
The two most important things to remember in life: "The only time it's acceptable to work with amateurs is if you are making porn." "If you want to work with clowns, join a circus."
zoso666 said Dec 21, 2013 18:02:46
Well i got some Bugera amps i must admit being very impressed with them.
I know early runs had issues wit cheap plastic clips being used which would short out but an easy fix and this seems to be sorted now!
I have the BUGERA bc 30 (Matchless type)
333 2 12 combo (bit like a boogie)
6262 (5150 cone)
Bearing in mind i have marshalls too,these bugeras serve me well
Their jcm 900 is also excellent and also the 1960.
Give them a whirl,for the money amazing amps
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