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Introduce yourself

posted Oct 11, 2013 14:57:32 by ChinaGuitar Sceptic
Come and say hi as you join the forum and give us your views on the forum {not the guitars there's plenty of other bits of forum for that!!]
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guitarinvalid said Oct 14, 2013 13:11:47
Well it been told to say hi so,
Hello every body,
It's still not much to say about the forum but hope I will be the first to brake the Ice.
I've found the CGS page on YouTube very useful and this forum should be as well.

Best regards from Israel,
TelepathicTrafic said Oct 14, 2013 13:45:18

I've been the the "Chibson Club" for about a year now.
I've also posted numerous YT videos on the topic.
Ill upload pics and thoughts regarding my purchases in the near future.
Forum looks good so far.

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Rob said Oct 14, 2013 15:04:16
Hi all! I've been a follower if the chi-guitar community for awhile now, playing guitar since my teens and own a few nice pieces of the chi-guitars and non chi's as well as . I look forward to exchanging ideas, tips and tricks in relation to these guitars! I will post some of my finds and tips as well as progress on a build I have going on with another chi-guitar builder! Cheers!
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Mangese said Oct 14, 2013 16:34:17
Howdy, I don't own any Chinese reproductions but I do own a Chinese made BC Rich. CGS's videos really got me fired up and into the idea of either getting a kit or a reproduction as a winter project. I've just (in the last 2 months) rediscovered my musical soul after a 17 year self imposed exile and relearning and retraining myself to play is a rewarding challenge.
Chris Graham said Oct 14, 2013 19:46:45
Hello every one,

Happy to be here and a big thanks to CGS and really all of you guys who make these video's for the rest of. I have learned so much from all your trial and errors that I know I can avoid a few pit falls because of you so many thanks.

I'd say I'm a relative newcomer to the Chinese guitar community. I really only found out about these guitars a few months back and by accident really. I had a Richie Sambora Strat that I had bought back in 2000 I guess long story short I wanted a 2nd one and upon searching I couldn't find one I liked then I can across this site They had one. I did some digging and discovered the whole Chinese fake thing and here I am.

Anyway that was a long post happy to be here with you all cheers!

pedrulorro said Oct 14, 2013 20:22:53
Hi from Spain,

I think I'm the newest follower of the channel. I have one Chibson (I'll post about it in the other section).

Rare electric guitars is my next step :)
craig.parse said Oct 15, 2013 04:22:13
Greetings from the 'Left Coast' of America!

I just have one 'Chibson' and it's OK. I still need to spend some time with the nut height and string action, but it's a player.
I'm glad these videos and forums are realistic about what you get for your money and what to expect when you open the box.
Either way, this is entertainment.

Paul said Oct 15, 2013 10:36:14
Hey. I been playing guitar for 20+ years and have owned a couple (real) Les Pauls, a few usa Strats, a Ibanez Jem and other real guitars . After getting rid of my Les Pauls to buy National resonators I got the itch for another Les Paul. Hence forth my purchase a few weeks ago from AliExpress. My guitar was shipped two days after purchase and arrived in good condition. Just the normal high frets and rubbish pickups. I feel this site will be good to help keep people expectations realistic.
auditsq said Oct 16, 2013 19:22:10
hi there from Sweden

great idea cgs to start this place, I live part time in Manila Phillipines and thats where i met a fellow guitarplayer who had a couple real nice Chibson bought in Hong Kong.. the best i think was actually a Epiphone LesPaul copy,, i have a Gibson VOS 57 and this damned EPI cpoy ( Artec pickups) felt just as good.. so when i got back in sweden i august i started my research ... i skipped the step of buying random copy guitars..i have enough of real ones.. so production of my first real customguitars has began ... 1 PRS MC58 style body specs below... 1 Ibanez RG920 style body ( absolutly not like the horrible JEMS they sell) , basswood capped with quilted maple ( blue )string trough body with stratstyle stoptail.. ebony fb ... and 1 identical RG with LowPro Edge ( no pics of the RG's yet )both RG's will have Entwistle pickups

The dark red PRS MC58 body style with onepiece body and neck (wide), string trough body, ofcourse custom logo with Phillipina wifes name.. Irenez..:) yea she got real xited about that :) is getting painted this week seller send pictures of a sanded down guitar ready for paint last weekend ..looked VERY well built with a nice short neck joint.. i've seen horrible PRlesses with 100mm neckjoint.. :( pics will arrive this weekend and shipment will be and i post here ofcourse... great to meet u all .. we will have crazy fun here with our china toys ... cheers
Stefan Olsson said Oct 16, 2013 21:40:23
hey everyone

I just posted a topic, but somehow it ended up at "Forum rules" area......Feel free to move to the right place.


Im Stefan by the way from Sweden, living in Los Angeles CA
LuísdeQueiroz said Oct 16, 2013 21:52:07
Greetings from Portugal!
Thank you CGS! What an excellent place to put in common some ideas about this topic that we all like: CHIBSONS!
I have to say that I have a few guitars bought in China on the last 6 years (and waiting for another one right now)..., and all copies, well done copies..., and they play very well..., and I do not regret a single minute for buying them!... even when comparing with other REAL guitars that I also have of some BIG names of the industry...
PS: On a YT video made by CHINA GUITAR SCEPTIC I had a lot of fun with the reaction of his fellow musicians, and still I have on my ears the laugh of the singer of his group when he told them for the first time that his guitars where CHINESE COPIES!!!... he! he! he!... priceless!!!!
Cheers to all and thank´s again CGS.
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Buddhapickups said Oct 17, 2013 01:34:19
I've been using guitarmonopoly and his communication has been soso. Sometimes it takes a few messages to get him to respond even when he is online. I've got a Rickenbacker copy from him with 2 les paul copies on the way. Thinking of picking up an Explorer copy next.
The thing I love about these Is that I can get a great mod platform for under $300 with an ebony fretboard (very rare under $300).

I make my own pickups so I replace the pickups and electronics almost immediately in just about every guitar I get anyway.
AndrzejGłowacki said Oct 17, 2013 13:16:44

Andrzej from Poland hear. I had some experience with the seller You do not recommend - Angeline Lee :), got all of my guitars (2 PRS, 1 F. Telecaster, 3 Gibsons) form her/him :) - all in all good :).
I will add photos of all later :).
all the best
MichaelWamback said Oct 18, 2013 15:53:29
I just ordered my first replica guitar from China. While educating myself about what to expect, I ran across the China Guitar Skeptic channel on YouTube. Very impressed with the video reviews and info, so became a fan.

While I spend a lot of time on some other guitar forums, I appreciate having a site to discuss the Chinese knockoff guitars. Many of the other forums will shun you for buying one of these guitars. Unfortunately, not all of us are in an economic position to spend thousands of dollars on a PRS or Gibson of our dreams.

Any guitars I order from China are project guitars for my own enjoyment. I have no intent to resell or even give them as gifts. Taking advantage of someone who doesn't know better by selling him a knockoff guitar as the real thing is not only illegal, it's unconscionable.

As for my background.

Messed around with guitars a bit when I was younger, then life got in the way. Moved to California and didn't have room to bring them with me, so gave my guitars to a good friend who played in a band at the time. 20 years passed where I never even had one in my hand.

After tuning 50, I realized I needed a hobby and for some reason decided I wanted to pick up the guitar again. Bought a used Epi Goth LP from a kid in a dark alley for $200. It was in decent shape, but needed a bit of love. I've learned to play enough to entertain myself, but I discovered that my real gift is in working on the instruments themselves. I've taught myself to work on just about every aspect of the guitars, from wiring to leveling frets. I even have some hard working musicians that now bring me their guitars when they need a bit of TLC. And I especially enjoy the challenge of making a very inexpensive and unplayable guitar sound and play like a more expensive instrument.

For that reason, Gibson guitars (while being amazing works) are not as much fun for me, since there would be nothing to do to improve them much. Just wish I had more space, and I'd be buying a few more Chinese guitars.

So now, several years into this hobby, time to turn pro. My best friend (who is amazingly talented) and I are starting the process of opening our own custom shop to create our own designs. It's going to be a long-term project that will require business plans, prototypes and start up capital. Very exciting though, and I think we have some fabulous and unique designs on paper.

That's another reason I've been interested in these Chinese guitars. We were hoping to find a custom shop/factory over there that would turn out work to a standard suitable for us. That way we can mirror Gibson/Fender by having our high-end designs built in house here in the US, and have our entry level guitars built in Asia.

Anyway, looking forward to getting to know you all.
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sjcrowe6 said Oct 18, 2013 21:37:32
I have a Chibson that I purchased and received this summer. Thanks go out to ChinaGuitarSceptic and TelepathicTraffic for all their helpful posts on Youtube. I have been playing guitar since the late 60's and have several guitars in my collection including a Gretsch Country Gentleman, Alvarez 5056 Tree of Life and Martin HD-28 CTB. I have always wanted a Gibson Les Paul but could never justify the expense. I mainly play country music but I am a big fan of most genres including classic rock, metal, pop and even some rap. Hope to share knowledge and experiences with everyone on this forum.
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